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Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but it can also be expensive and wasteful. For couples looking to keep their budget in check while being environmentally conscious, there are plenty of eco-friendly options to consider. Your wedding can be a day that honors and celebrates your love and the environment. Here are a few eco-friendly tips to help you plan a wedding that is budget and Earth-friendly.

Choose a Sustainable Venue

When selecting a venue for your wedding, consider eco-friendly locations. Look for venues powered by renewable energy sources, have recycling programs in place, and use environmentally friendly cleaning products. If possible, choose a venue that is close to public transportation, or that has bike parking to encourage guests to leave their cars at home. 

Don’t forget that wedding travel is a big contributor to CO2 emissions. According to a study, the average wedding emits 57,152 kg of CO2! That number increases with weddings that require travel for most guests if not all. If you and your partner are from the same hometown or have families in the same location, look for venues that are a short traveling distance from that. Save money on hotel and travel accommodations by staying with family and choosing public transportation!

Go Digital with Your Invitations

Skip the paper and opt for digital invitations instead! This is a great way to save money on printing and postage while reducing waste. There are plenty of digital invitation services that offer beautiful and customizable designs that you can send to your guests via email or text. 

Choose Locally Sourced Flowers

When selecting flowers for your wedding, consider choosing locally sourced blooms. Help support local businesses and reduce transportation emissions while ensuring your flowers are in season and are not treated with harmful chemicals. 

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

Consider giving your guests eco-friendly wedding favors, such as seed packets, small potted plants, or local honey. These gifts are not only environmentally friendly, but they also serve as a lasting reminder of your special day. To save money on eco-friendly wedding favors, reuse pots or jars you or your loved ones have around your house!

Use Reusable Decorations

Rather than buying disposable decorations, consider using items that can be reused. Instead of purchasing paper streamers for your reception exit or decor, consider using the spare fabric you have around your home. These can not only be used for your wedding day but can then be reused for other events as well! 

Don’t be afraid to repurpose wedding day decor, as well. Save money by using the flower installs from your ceremony for your reception! Encourage your guests to take home the flowers to use as home decor or a dried floral arrangement. 

Choose Sustainable Catering Options

When selecting a caterer for your wedding, consider choosing a company that uses locally sourced, organic, and seasonal ingredients. Not only does this only support local farmers and reduces transportation emission, but ensures that your food is fresh and chemical-free. A vegan or vegetarian menu will also help reduce your carbon footprint and still taste delicious!

Donate to an Eco-Friendly Charity

A great way to commit to an eco-friendly wedding is to consider donating a portion of your wedding budget to an eco-friendly charity. This is a great way to give back to the environment, and support causes that are important to you and your partner. Ask your guests to make a donation or suggest their favorite Earth-friendly charity!

Ready To Plan Your Eco-Friendly Wedding or Looking For More Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips?

Planning an eco-friendly wedding on a budget is not only possible, but it can also be a fun and rewarding experience! By choosing sustainable options for your venue, invitations, decorations, food, and wedding favors, you can create a wedding that is beautiful and environmentally conscious. Head here to see more eco-friendly wedding tips. Go ahead and plan your dream wedding while also helping to protect the Earth!

Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips for Brides on a Budget

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