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Are you planning an Earth-friendly wedding and looking for eco-friendly wedding favor ideas? You’re in the right place! We’ve gathered a few eco-friendly wedding favor ideas that your guests will love and will be sure to leave a lasting impression.


Instead of traditional wedding favors, or wedding gifts, consider making a charitable donation on behalf of your guests. You can choose an organization that resonates with you and your partner, such as a local environmental charity or a national organization that supports eco-friendly initiatives. Ask your guests for suggestions of their favorite charity or donation center! This is a great way to not only involve your guests in a wedding favor, but support your local community and environment.

Seed Packets

This is the perfect way to send your guests home with something they can watch bloom and grow, like your love. Seed packets can be the best reminder of your wedding day and all that you stand for as a couple. You can opt for flowers or herbs native to the land you are hosting your wedding. Or, pick your favorite wildflower that is easy to grow and helpful for the environment. 

Succulents & Potted Plants

Your loved ones can go home with a gift that keeps on giving! The succulents or potted plants can double as a perfect centerpiece, aisle runners, or general wedding décor. Advise your guests to take them home and watch them grow.

Local Honey

Your love is sweet, just like honey! Support your local beekeepers by gifting your guests with jars of local honey. Not only is honey a sweet treat, but it also helps to support sustainable agriculture practices. 

Jams + Jelly

Another tasty option for eco-friendly wedding favors is homemade jams and jellies. Choose locally sourced fruits and vegetables to create a unique and flavorful gift for your guests. This is a great opportunity to choose reusable glassware that can double as small storage for your guests in the future!

Natural Bath Products

While you are being pampered during your wedding or even during your honeymoon, why not leave your guests with a relaxing treat as well? Pamper your guests with natural bath products that are free of harsh chemicals and environmentally friendly. Consider gifting items like soap, lotion, or bath salts made with organic and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Mini Tree

Give the gift of nature with mini trees that your guests can take home and plant. This is a great way to encourage sustainable practices and to help offset your wedding’s carbon footprint.

Fair Trade Tea or Coffee

Who doesn’t love tea and coffee?! This is something that will be a definite hit with all your family and friends! Send your guests home with a taste of your favorite fair trade tea or coffee. Not only do fair trade products support farmers and their communities, but also they are ethically sourced and sustainable helping to protect the environment! 

Reusable Straws

Help reduce the use of single-use plastic! Choose metal, stainless steel, or glass, with colors to match your wedding and opt to have them personalized!

Choosing Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

By opting for eco-friendly wedding favors, you can show your commitment to the environment while also providing your guests with meaningful gifts that they will cherish. Head here to see more ways you can practice sustainability while celebrating your marriage. Incorporating these Earth-friendly ideas into your wedding will not only create a memorable experience for you and your guests but will also help to preserve our planet for future generations.

Couple gather on the mountainside and celebrate their marriage as an Earth friendly wedding.
Handmade bath products are excellent ways to impress your guests with an eco-friendly wedding gift.
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Succulents are the perfect wedding favor idea for your loved ones.
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Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

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  1. […] giving your guests eco-friendly wedding favors, such as seed packets, small potted plants, or local honey. These gifts are not only […]


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