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Let love bloom with feel good (for the earth) weddings

Planning a wedding is an exciting time for couples, but it can also have a significant impact on the environment. From the transportation to the food, décor, and attire, there are many aspects of a wedding that can contribute to waste and pollution. However, having an earth-friendly wedding can help mitigate these negative impacts and create a more sustainable and responsible celebration. At EFW, we are committed to creating a greener wedding industry through education and advocacy for the planet. We hope you'll contribute with your own earth-friendly wedding!

How Can I have an earth-friendly wedding?

Begin with sitting down together and deciding what you want from your wedding celebration. Is it that you want to host a great party for guests, or that you care about the details and aesthetic, or maybe you just want to be freakin' married already! Your wedding vision doesn’t need to be sacrificed to also support mother earth. You may be thinking, “it’s just one wedding” or “does what I do really matter?” Raising awareness about the environmental impacts that weddings have on the environment is one of the significant things you and your fiancé can do during this time. Your loved ones seeing the choices you have made for such an important day may have a bigger impact on their daily lives than you think. ⁣

What matters the most

Where can you make an impact?

Can you provide shuttle service to reduce the number of cars on the road? Would thrifting your tableware or décor be feasible? Do you need to send paper invitations or would it actually be a lot easier to take the eco route and go digital? Think about what parts of your day you can get creative on and go from there, because anything makes an impact!

To create a seamless sustainable wedding day, working with vendors and companies that you align with is so important. The knowledge that you are teaming up with fellow humans that care about the planet, want to reduce waste, and promote sustainability in their businesses will allow you to have a feel good wedding. 

Here at EFW, we have a dedicated vendor directory that couples can use to find a wedding team that understands the impact they can have on such an important event, and treats their couples and the earth with care. 

Working with an aligned team


Knowing that your wedding day is full of love for each other, your family and friends, and the planet, you can be assured your celebration is going to feel damn good. Toss the petals, cheers with your thrifted glasses, and watch as guests admire the potted plants you gave them as favors. It was an amazing day!

After your wedding, let the love continue on by donating leftovers and recycling your flowers. You did it! You had a mindful, eco-conscious and socially-impactful wedding day! High fives, seriously. 

It's your wedding day!


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