Say 'I do' to a sustainable wedding


I’m Katelyn, a wedding photographer and educator located in Southern Maine. I’ve been shooting weddings professionally for the past decade all around New England, celebrating and capturing super fun weddings with incredible couples in love. I specialize in romantic and adventurous wedding photography. I enjoy connecting with couples who love the New England landscape and want to include it in their day, whether that’s by the ocean somewhere in Acadia, or on top of a mountain in western Maine.

I find a lot of inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounds us, which is a big part of why I want to work hard to protect it.

My husband works in renewable energy and each day he is working to make the world a better place, and I wanted to also do my part by incorporating advocacy into my business. While it’s challenging to work in an industry that isn’t set up to be green, I see it as a huge opportunity to encourage and enlighten couples to the options they have and to become an ambassador for the planet.

Hey, I'm Katelyn!

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Vision of a greener wedding industry.