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The send off practice of throwing rice over the newlyweds is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. It’s done to shower the happy couple in abundance and fertility so they can have a great start to their new lives together, how exciting! But while we’re showing our love to the couple by doing this, we might not be aware of all the implications rice has on the surrounding environment and wildlife. So, let’s keep this timeless tradition alive with natural wedding toss alternatives that are fun and fresh, and also better suited to the earth.


Lavender is a flowering herb that has been used throughout the centuries for many different purposes including perfumes, oils, culinary dishes, and in spirituality. This plant carries the meaning of  devotion, gracefulness, and youth – perfect for a wedding! Lavender would be a great option for a wedding toss with its light floral aroma and beautiful symbolism. You can have fresh or dried lavender ready for the guests to toss your way for an elegant feminine touch to close the ceremony.

Also, if you’re wanting to shake it up a bit, lavender goes great with eucalyptus and lighter florals such as peonies and carnations!

Rose Petals

A new, but classic, take on a wedding toss would have to be rose petals. Roses are the ultimate symbol of love, passion, and devotion. It’s even said in Greek mythology that red roses were created by the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, for her lover Adonis. Red roses are a strikinging and bold statement perfect for a gorgeous wedding. Simple, classic, and romantic. *wink*

Fresh or dried rose petals would both be a great choice. Fresh rose petals would give more of a lighter feel and would give a wonderful picturesque moment. For dried rose petals, think of Gomez and Morticia Addams. You know, their undying, enduring, ageless, unfailing, and dark romantic love for each other. I mean, talk about romance, am I right?

Petal Confetti

If you like a bit of everything, other petal options include your favorite flower combinations or could even be the main flowers in your bouquet. Petal confetti is a festive way to celebrate! A mix of flower petals provides a breathtaking view and a marvelous myriad of colors. You’ll be walking with your partner out of the ceremony only to stroll through a shower of your favorite flower petals.

The best part of this option? It’ll match your wedding completely which makes for a stunning picture-perfect moment.


If you like giving back to the earth, birdseed is a wonderful way to do so. By spreading birdseed, you’re showing appreciation and actively giving something back on your special day. With no harm to the wildlife, this really is a great option for the birds and you. Talk about a Disney princess on her wedding day!

Birdseed symbolizes freedom and eternity, a lovely way to spend and celebrate your marriage.

Hole-Punched Leaves

A beautiful wedding toss with leaves indigenous to the area is such a powerful way to acknowledge the land and have a super eco-friendly celebration. This is absolutely fantastic for a fall wedding; the beautiful colors and different hues would set such a sweet scene for your exit ceremony. 

By using something that was already there to begin with, this is a budget friendly and beautiful toss to share with your beloved.

Seed Paper

Seed paper is another great way to give back to the earth. With seed paper, it can be hole punched in whatever design you choose and this way, you can have a charming wedding toss that helps the environment at the same time. 

The seed paper that falls will eventually turn into flowers and create a captivating sight. What better way to start this new era of your life by planting seeds for the future?

Ready to incorporate these natural wedding toss ideas?

These are just a natural wedding toss ideas that are out there for an eco-friendly wedding toss. For each season, there’s always something different and beautiful. Whether it’s rose petals or birdseed in the Summer, lavender or hole-punched leaves for the Fall, or petal confetti or seed paper in the Spring, these ideas are fresh, classic, and perfect for a wedding! Click here to see additional ways you can make your wedding day more eco-friendly!

Natural Wedding Toss Ideas

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