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Are you planning an eco-friendly wedding and looking for ways to make it even more sustainable? Asking for donations instead of wedding gifts is a great way to reduce waste and allows you to support a cause or charity that is important to you and your partner. And don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be complicated or make you feel uneasy! We are showing you exactly how to ask for donations instead of wedding gifts so that you can have the eco-friendly wedding of your dreams!

Make A List

To start, make a list of organizations that align with your values as a couple. Do you both love animals? Consider donating to a local animal shelter or animal rescue group. Are you passionate about helping children and families in need? Look into organizations that focus on creating safe environments for children or those that help them when they need it the most. Once you have a list choose one or a few that you feel most strongly about and share this with your guests! Donate in their name and use that as a wedding favor to surprise your guests.

Make It Easy For Your Guests

When creating your wedding website or invitations, be sure to mention that you are requesting donations instead of gifts. You can provide a link to the donation page of your chosen organization(s) or set up a fundraiser directly through your wedding website. This makes it easy for guests to contribute and shows that you are committed to making a positive impact. If you have not yet created your wedding website, or don’t plan on having one, include something about your request for donations instead of gifts. This can be a QR code that directs guests to donation sites or links to the organization(s) you both have decided on. 

Are You Planning On Asking For Donations Instead Of Wedding Gifts?

Asking for donations instead of gifts not only reduces waste and supports a cause, but it can also be a meaningful way to celebrate your love! It shows that you care about the world around you and want to make a difference. So, if you’re planning an eco-friendly wedding, consider making this small yet impactful change. And, to celebrate with an even more Earth-friendly wedding consider these wedding invitation alternatives as a great way to invite your loved ones to celebrate you while honoring the Earth. 

How to Ask for Donations Instead of Wedding Gifts

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