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Are you getting married soon and looking for ways to make your big day more eco-friendly? Why not start with your wedding registry? By choosing to add eco-friendly companies to your wedding registry, you can support businesses that prioritize sustainability. And, luckily, there are tons of options to choose from when it comes to sustainable companies that promote Earth-friendly products. Here are just a few eco-friendly companies you should add to your wedding registry:

Bambu Home

They offer a variety of kitchen and dining products made from renewable resources like bamboo! They even offer eco-friendly and elegant dinnerware for your wedding day! If you are looking for ways to reduce the use of plastic on your wedding day, this is a great option!


Specializing in organic bedding and bath linens made from all-natural materials, Coyuchi is another eco-friendly company to add to your wedding registry. Their stunning bed sheets will be sure to up-level your eco-friendly home while keeping you cozy!


Committed to protecting the environment, Patagonia is the perfect adventure company to add to your wedding registry. Find that perfect hiking outfit to enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams!

Our Place

This woman and immigrant-owned company has gorgeous cookware and tableware to create the home of your dreams. Their glass is made from recycled glass and natural sand, traditional plastic-free packaging, and recyclable and biodegradable boxes. 


Caraway products are made without any toxic materials, creating an Earth-friendly environment you can call home. They support BSCI and SMETA-certified manufacturing partners and use sustainable packaging. 

Under The Canopy

If you are looking for home items that are not only contributing to more eco-friendly and sustainable practices but will look beautiful in your home, Under The Canopy has it all. From bed linens and bath sheets to apparel, you will find the item of your dreams!

Ready To Add These Eco-Friendly Companies To Your Wedding Registry?

By adding eco-friendly companies to your wedding registry, you can make a positive impact on the planet while still celebrating your special day in style. So, whether you’re looking for kitchen essentials, home decor, or clothing and accessories, be sure to consider companies that prioritize sustainability and ethical production. Your wedding is just one day, but your impact on the Earth can last a lifetime.

Eco-Friendly Companies To Add To Your Wedding Registry

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