Say 'I do' to a sustainable wedding


Weddings are a special day that many people dream of, but have you ever stopped to think about the environmental impact of all that goes into a wedding day? As we move towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of living, it’s important to consider the impact our wedding celebrations have on the Earth. We’ve […]

Top 5 Most Wasteful Wedding Items

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly engagement ring that symbolizes your love and shows your commitment to the planet? Look no further! There are plenty of eco-friendly and sustainable options that are just as beautiful as traditional diamond rings.  Chances are, if you are reading this, you are aware of the unethical practices that […]

Environmentally Friendly Engagement Ring Options

Are you looking for ways to reduce waste on your wedding day while keeping the traditional and beautiful flower bouquets for your big day? Not only are flowers expensive, but they are also a contributor to wedding day waste and can take a toll on the environment. So we’ve gathered a few eco-friendly wedding flower […]

Wedding Flower Alternatives For An Earth-Friendly Wedding

Let love bloom with sustainability

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